David Yurman

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A digital source book with style

The David Yurman Digital Directory is a dynamic tool that displays over 20,000 products, supports over 500 locations and 3,000 users in over 20 countries around the world. With millions of transactions occurring around the world, the Directory provides instant access to product information and availability.

To ensure an engaging shopping experience BOSS32 created a cutting edge platform the brand story is properly shared through media and cross-linking the jewelry with catalogs and videos.

landing page Dynamically branded

The Directory login page displays and transitions the latest campaign images.

Tangible Results

BOSS32’s advanced platform provides the sales-associates with the entire David Yurman catalog in an iPad. This platform is able to ascertain market trends and collect data from the counter-side in real-time.

The advanced suite of analytical tools provides David Yurman with precise feedback on what and where customers are shopping, as well as greater insight into region specific activity.

Full Integration

To provide the sophisticated tools efficiently, BOSS32 has fully integrated with David Yurman and their various systems to ensure that data is always accurate. Our Digital Integration Platform (DIP) creates a seamless connection between David Yurman and their retailers.
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